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Check Out These Donut Shops In Edwardsville

Some days just call for a hot, fluffy donut and for the residents of AXIS Edwardsville, those donut cravings don’t have to go unfulfilled. There are a number of quality establishments in the surrounding area, serving a wide array of delicious, hot donuts! Here are a few of our favorite places to get donuts near AXIS Edwardsville.

Glazy Squares Donuts, 443 S Buchanan St Edwardsville, IL

If you haven’t tried a donut from Glazy Squares Donuts, then you haven’t really lived. Just kidding, of course, but the donuts here are amazing. As the name suggests, Glazy Squares Donuts veers away from the traditional round donut, and serves glazed, square donuts, in a wide variety of flavors. Favorites include chocolate glazed, lemon, twisted glaze and cinnamon. (The biscuits and gravy are tasty, too!)

Wood River Donut Shop, 102 E Edwardsville Road, Wood River, IL

Wood River Donut Shop is a charming little donut shop, with plenty of room to dine-in and enjoy some donuts with friends. The blueberry donuts are a crowd favorite and tend to sell out fast, so make sure to get there early! Wood River Donut Shop also serves a variety of lunch items, including sloppy joes, sandwiches, and biscuits and gravy.

Duke Bakery, 819 Henry St Alton, IL

A bit further away, but totally worth the drive, is Duke Bakery, an adorable, hometown bakery selling a variety of donuts, cakes, and brownies. The twisted glaze donuts are a definite customer favorite┬ábut don’t miss out on the donut holes and the chocolate covered creme horns.

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