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Summer Fun At The Wildey Theatre

Edwardsville’s Wildey Theatre is a historic jewel in the downtown district that opened over 100 years ago as an opera house. It briefly shut down in 1984 after a final showing of “The Big Chill”, but the Edwardsville Historic Preservation Society didn’t let it stay shuttered for long. With the city’s help, the Main Street treasure was renovated and reopened in 1999. It now plays host to a variety of classic movies and live musical acts, with several upcoming summer events to help you beat the heat with your friends:


Steven Spielberg’s horror classic comes to the Wildey at 7pm on July 5th. Make sure you plan your beach outings for before the show!


This 1960’s Hitchcock psychological thriller starring Sean Connery and Tippi Hedren takes a look at how the deeper issues between men and women in romantic relationships affect each person’s well-being. You can check it out on July 12th at 7pm.

Zoso – The Ultimate Led Zeppelin Experience

This tribute band first came together in 1995, and have been honoring the rock legends ever since. Their ability to capture the unique Led Zeppelin sound and experience have put them at the top of their niche, with national name recognition and over 2,400 performances to date. They’ll be at the Wildey on July 22nd at 8pm.

Tiffany – “A Million Miles Storytellers Tour”

The 80’s phenom has come a long way since her days rocking malls across America, and her latest tour highlights her mature sound that Billboard Magazine dubbed “thoughtful and intelligent.” She’ll take the stage on August 26th at 8pm.

Tickets for all the movies are available for only $2 starting an hour before the show, by cash or check only. Concert ticket prices range from $25-$65 and can be purchased online at the theatre’s website, or by calling the box office directly at 618-307-1750. A full list of the theater’s summer concerts are available here. Please contact us today if you’d like to learn more about living at Axis and in the Edwardsville area!


Tips For Organizing Your Study Space

If you have ever attended school in the summer, then you know how easily it is to get sidetracked by the nice weather and fun getaways. With the summer semester coming up, an organized work space is a great way to keep distractions to a minimum. Room organization is an essential component to keeping a clear and organized mind. An organized, beautiful, and clean workspace is inviting. You want to recognize your study spot as a pleasant space, one where you will actually enjoy sitting down and hitting the books.

In terms of avoiding clutter, bookshelves are essential to preparing for the new term. You need enough bookshelves to comfortably fit the number of books you have. Inexpensive bookshelves are fine but if possible, invest in quality materials to ensure it will get you through the next few years with minimal wear and tear.

Also, adjustable shelves are the most practical for student living. That way, if you suddenly need space for large textbooks or an unstack of folders, making room for oversized items will be simple and won’t add any additional costs.

A desk with several compartments is the other key ingredient. The flat top must be spacious enough to work on and be wide enough to lay out several books/pages. If you are in a smaller area, a fold-up desk is ideal. One method for ensuring that the desk looks great is to choose a desk that is monochromatic with the rest of the room. If your walls are white and the floor a pale hardwood, for example, choose a white desk. Use a bright colored vase as an accent that symbolizes the desk as a “brain space”. If your walls are darker, choose a wood desk that is in the same spectrum, with another brightly colored item as an accent.

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Great Lunch Spots Near Axis Edwardsville

As you would expect from a university town, Edwardsville has a diverse and delicious range of lunch spots to grab a bite to eat. From delicious wood-fired pizza to hearty comfort food, we’d like to share some of our favorites with you!

  • Peel Wood Fired Pizza (921 S. Arbor Vitae)

Aficionados claim that wood-fired pizza is superior due to perfectly even cooking and superior crust taste and texture. You can give it a try for yourself at Peel, where you can also find great salads, appetizers and desserts.

  • Cleveland-Heath (106 N. Main St.)

Though the name may initially be mistaken for a medical center in a faraway city, Cleveland-Heath actually features a soul and comfort food menu that can’t entirely be said to be healthy. But the pancakes, mac and cheese, biscuits and gravy and pulled pork are certainly delicious!

  • Oriental Spoon (229 Harvard Dr.)

This Korean restaurant is known for big plates of delicious food at a great price. If you’re new to Korean food try some jap chae, gim rolls, bulgogi or bibimbap with some deliciously sweet mat-tang or hoi hoi for dessert.

  • Crazy Bowls & Wraps (6679 Edwardsville Crossing Dr.)

For a quick grab-and-go lunch stop, Crazy Bowls is one of the best choices. You can get a healthy wrap or bowl of rice, meat and veggies whipped up for you in no time. The chips and salsa bar are also quite popular here.

  • Shangri-La (1039 Century Dr.)

This wonderful Chinese restaurant has a special lunch menu that boasts some great (and affordable) deals. Some local favorite dishes here include the shrimp and scallops, General Tso’s chicken and meat-filled pancake rolls.

Interested in getting closer to all these great eateries, as well as being close to Southern Illinois University? Contact us to find out more about our luxury apartments!


Enjoy Great Bookstores near Axis Edwardsville

Browsing in a bookstore is a great pastime. Yes, you have required reading, and bookstores are definitely a source of that. But for recreational reading, bookstores are tops.

Browsing can let you know of a book that interests you deeply, but of whose existence you didn’t know until you happened upon it. Plus, many bookstores are pleasant places to wander in.  Here are 2 of the best near luxury student living.

You’re probably familiar with The Cougar Store! It’s SIUE’s store for textbooks and more, located in the Morris Student Center. While you probably associate it with required reading, campus bookstores are great sources for in-depth books, nature guides, and books topics of interest to students – relationships, politics, you name it. The Cougar Store has more than 10,000 titles in stock – browse and you’ll find something right up your alley.

Edwardsville’s Afterwords is a wonderful independent bookstore specializing in used books (hence its clever title). Used bookstores are a great place to snag something terrific on a student budget.

Afterwords hosts two book clubs that are well worth checking out. The first focuses on documentaries – real life events and real life people.  The second focuses on books. Make sure you check out their calendar to see when the next book club is happening and try to catch one!

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